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The city and the Cygnets, an alternative history of the Atlanta urban nucleus in the 21st century, Michael Bishop - paperback

"[These] stories ... elliptically chronicle the life of an alternative Atlanta, Georgia, 2000-2070. Beneath a huge artificial dome that blocks out the stars, hierarchically stashed on nine subterranean levels with computer-controlled simulations of weather and seasonal change, the citizens of this grim, bureaucracy-ridden sardine tin ... contrive not just to endure but to prevail. Through 70 years of increasing repression, various free spirts turn a living cubicle into a facsimile of a starship in deep space, experiment with multipartner 'marriages' for the elderly, or dearly earn moments of mutual benison with an unwanted cubicle-mate. ... bearing witness to the weedlike survival of human instinct and aspiration in the most confining and programmed environment"--Kirkus Reviews
Literary Form
First edition.
Physical Description
463 pages, 23 cm

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