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The Magdalene veil, a novel, Gary McAvoy

An old World War II diary filled with cryptic clues launches two friends on an adventure around the world ... but their path is fraught with danger and deception ... and the treasure they seek can change everything for good-or evil. Father Michael Dominic and his journalist friend Hana Sinclair are off to follow a tantalizing lead: a Nazi journal revealing a holy relic's hiding place. The pair believes the book could lead them to a sacred cloth Christ used to cleanse his face, which according to legend now bears his image - a living record of the Son of God's true appearance. The diary propels them on a whirlwind adventure from Jerusalem, to Rome, to Buenos Aires. But as they unravel an ancient mystery, they run afoul of a nefarious sect determined to use the Magdalene veil for its own ends. Can Michael and Hana outsmart their ruthless adversaries and bring the artifact home to the Church, or will the revival of Aryan ambition destroy the long-lost relic of Christ?
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434 pages, illustrations, 22 cm.

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