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Your well-being garden, how to make your garden good for you, Alistair Griffiths, Matt Keightley, Annie Gatti, Zia Allaway - paperback

"Explore the fascinating science behind how green spaces and gardening--the design, the plants, and the physical activity of gardening--can impact positively on your well-being. Then use this newfound knowledge to evolve your own outdoor space into a mind- and body-nurturing environment. The same principles apply to a small balcony, a large suburban or country garden, or a shared community garden"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
The protective garden. Plants as potential pollution-busters -- Plants as potential soundproofing -- Creating a low-allergen garden -- Managing pests the natural way -- The healing garden. Feel good with vitamin G -- How your garden helps to reboot your brain -- How gardening can boost your self-esteem -- Gardening to overcome isolation -- The powerful impact of scent -- Harnessing the power of color -- The restorative effects of water -- The positive power of birdsong -- Dirt is good for you -- Why the garden beats the gym --The nourishing garden. The secret life of healthy soil -- A medicine chest in the garden -- Growing your own food -- The sustainable garden. The cooling effect of plants -- Save energy with plants -- Future-proofing for drought -- Make your garden a no-flood zone -- Plant a haven for pollinators -- Is your garden really "green" -- Saving air miles on cut flowers
Literary Form
non fiction
First American edition.
Physical Description
224 pages, color illustrations, 24 cm

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