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The unbelievable happiness of what is, beyond belief to love, fulfillment & spiritual awakening, Jon Bernie ; foreword by Adyashanti

What keeps you from being happy? Could your clinging to your beliefs about what life should be holding you back? Bernie, a contemporary spiritual teacher in the non-duality tradition reveals how confronting and letting go of our negative beliefs about ourselves and the world sets us on a path of joy, meaning and purpose
Table Of Contents
Taking the first step -- Path of the heart -- Path of least resistance -- Simply bringing attention -- The positive side of belief -- What is awakening? -- The essence of meditation -- Here to be here -- Being, not doing -- So what can I do? -- Accepting what is -- Finding the guidance system -- Surrender -- Meditation : stillness and balance -- The natural force of awakening -- Questions that release you -- The hallmark of intimacy -- Suggestions for transformation -- Just listening -- The quality of awareness -- Transmission of the flame -- Mirror of truth -- Beyond understanding -- Working with belief -- If it feels good, be it! -- Clearing, grounding, integrating, and expanding : a seven-step protocol -- Offering into awareness -- Expression and inspiration -- Mirror of reality -- "Hell is other people" -- Relationship and the spiritual process -- Love and connection : intimate relationships -- Looking in the mirror -- The freedom equation -- Transmission : the deeper inheritance -- Connected in the big heart -- The healer's path -- The light that you are -- The deepest embrace -- Lighten your load -- Meditation : going deeper -- The rude awakening -- Being is the fullness of life -- Releasing the struggle -- Turn toward what's difficult -- Change, loss, and tenderness -- Be right here -- Life begins with awakening -- You can't follow anyone else -- Living from the heart -- Planting seeds of intention -- The meaning and purpose of our lives -- Afterword: the beginning of life
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
viii, 201 pages, 23 cm

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